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Denis Komadaric

Bicom Systems
Software Engineer
Since 2006 I was working with Bicom Systems on different kinds of CTI (computer telephony integration) applications.

Unified Communications and Asterisk:
Last 7 years of my career were focused towards building a powerfull Unified Communications tool based on Asterisk.
This project is called gloCOM, short of “GLObal COMmunicator.” It is an enterprise multi platform desktop and mobile application, providing services like phone, chat, fax, conferencing, CRM integration, call center features etc...
In the background, it relies on our custom protocol that is based on Asterisk Manager interface. Our UC platform is designed to provide an easy and simple way to interact with Asterisk in real-time, over desktop, mobile and web apps.

PBXware UC platform:
After years of experience with Asterisk Manager and CTI, I realized that there are two major obstacles when using current AMI:
1. It is way too complex for end user apps and has huge traffic overload
2. Missing multiple domains (privacy issues)
It was summer 2016 when I started working on a high-level abstraction of Asterisk real-time API. Thanks to the new, modern and simple UC platform design, we already developed some powerful desktop, mobile and web apps in a very short period of time. At the moment it is only available as part of Bicom Systems’ solution. Our ultimate goal would be to develop a module for Asterisk with the same idea behind.

Lastly, I would like to mention that all attendees will learn how to use what we created and I will share all of our experiences in other ways.